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AROUND The Pear county

Boundless ways to have fun, explore nature and relax your minds, bodies and souls.

Pear Plucking
Bullock Cart Ride
Mountain Biking
Vegetable Harvesting
Pear Plucking

During the pear season (July to September), you can pluck pears yourself and eat as many as you like on our property. However, you will be charged a nominal rate for any fruit taken out of the property. 

Bullock Cart Ride 

Experience of a life time, getting back to ancient mode of transport. However, this ride completely depends on our bulls, their availability, and if they are willing to take you ;).


An evening around a bonfire, singing, laughing and roasting marshmallows is a perfect way to relax and rewind and recollect memories with friends and family.


Your could hire our Rockrider mountain bikes and try some off road biking on our very own bike trail, riding though our pear orchards and fields.


We have a lovely hiking trail within our property, so don't forget to bring your sneakers along. We also organize hikes around the area at different difficulty levels. 


A camp is incomplete without a Barbeque. We get everything ready for you and you get to do the barbeque yourself.

Indoor Games and Activity 
Organic Farming

Get hands on experience with our local farmers.

Bird Watching

A paradise for bird watchers, take an early morning stroll and spot some rare birds chirping in the trees. 

Carrom,  Chess, snake and ladder, darts, archery, books and puzzles are available in our activity room.


If you lucky, you could spot Bison, Wild boar, Flying squirrel, Peacocks, Porcupines around our property.  

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